Lexi Lutz


Hi there, I’m Lexi, a 21-year-old vegan bodybuilder. Growing up in Kentucky and now based in Los Angeles, I’ve turned my passion for fitness into a lifestyle, embracing the plant-based journey to sculpt not just my body but also the way I approach health and well-being.

Proudly representing Actiiive Pursuit, I stand as a testament to the power of a plant-fueled physique. As a certified personal trainer, I’ve had the privilege of pushing others to the boundaries of what’s possible. Beyond the weights and protein shakes, my mission extends to helping others embark on their fitness journey.

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At Actiiive Pursuit, we believe that fitness is not just a destination; it's a continuous journey. Our mission is to inspire, inform, and empower you to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle that aligns with your goals and values.

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Here at Actiiive Pursuit, we believe in the transformative power of fitness, not just in sculpting our bodies but in shaping our minds and spirits. Our goal is to empower individuals to become the best versions of themselves. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, we are here to guide and inspire, sharing the knowledge and experience we’ve gained along the way.